Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dream Team

After about 2 years of protest I can finally join the facebook group "The Dream Team was the best thing to happen to JMHS since Matt and Matt". You see I was always jealous that I was not part of the Dream Team because I could never fit Morning Announcements into my busy schedule. Mat and I had a disagreement over how the intro clips should be distributed, he wanted to make people buy the DVD while I thought he should give them out for free on the intarweb (which is how it was done for the first few weeks). Well I guess the shelf life of the DVD has expired and Mat has decided to post it, in its entirety, online at Vimeo.

Raindom Rights is looking into Vimeo as an alternative to youtube because it can deliver high definition videos and we are kind of fed up with how much pure crap is on youtube. Now if only we had an HD camera and time to make all the shorts we've been planning.

Well, here's the video we've all been waiting for:

Live Feed To Brooklyn from Raindom Rights on Vimeo.

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