Sunday, June 10, 2007


The much anticipated Ourbunny website is closer to being publicly released than ever before! Right now I have a live version of it that allows users to browse a, very small, library of music and add and remove tags from songs. I have also set up the internet radio station part of the site that allows users to vote for tags to influence what songs to play next. I'm working with very limited bandwidth and only about 10 creative commons licensed songs in the "library" so it's nothing more than a proof of concept right now.

Currently I'm designing a new database scheme for the site and working on writing some nice object oriented PHP code. Here are some things I've learned so far...
  • PHP 5 has great object oriented support but the hardest part is conceptualizing a web application in terms of objects. It is hard to make the jump from server side scripting to a full blown web server application. I bet someone could make a lot of money writing a book about this subject.
  • The Creative Commons is pretty awesome. Patents, copyrights, intellectual property is a really interesting topic. I'm taking a class on this next semester.
  • The RIAA is even more evil than I originally thought.
  • Folksonomy tagging is an interesting technical problem. Storing tag information in a database is much more difficult than I originally thought.
  • Say you have a bunch of songs, each with a bunch of tags, and a bunch of votes for tags. Using that information pick the song that will satisfy the most number of voters. It didn't seem like such a hard problem until I had to actually design a way to do it.
So there you go. That's what I've been up to recently. Oh, and coming up with a bevy of short film ideas with Mat and Justin. Filming should being pretty soon!

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