Sunday, April 8, 2007

An Incident

What's funnier than a guy pooping his pants while standing straight up for no apparent reason? Well if that something exists none of the guys one my hall could think of it.

As I was walking down the stairs back to my room a guy stops me and says "Did you see what happened on our hall?" I reply that I had not heard of an incident and become quite curious as to what happened. Someone get caught drinking or smoking weed? Did someone get headb butted and chip a tooth again? Did that guy's crazy girlfriend rape him like before? Did another person slip on a banana and split their head open? I was not prepared for what I would find.

Seems this one guy, we'll call him Bob, was standing in the doorway of a room occupied by a few other guys having a pleasant conversation. Bob's face became a little disgruntled and one of the guys asked if Bob needed to fart. Nope, it wasn't a fart. Bob's face continued to turn red as another guy stated "you're either gonna get a hernia or shit your pants". At this point one of the residents of the room decided to push him out. While being forced back he let it go, right there, in front of everyone, fully clothed. Somehow his feces managed to work its way out the bottom of his shorts and fall flat onto the hallway floor.

Thank you housing for taking out the carpet in our hall and installing that cheap linoleum flooring. Our hall is the only hall with this type of flooring, apparently because the guys who came before us had too many issues with body fluids being expelled in the hallway. Bob was not high, drunk, sick, or impaired in any such fashion... he just thought it would be hilarious to join in a conversation and drop a smelly turd as if it were socially acceptable. I think we all learned something today; if we are the 'leaders of tomorrow' and the guys who lived in our hall before us were worse than us, then the 'leaders of today' are pretty damn stupid.

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Grace said...

did our toilet presentation teach him nothing?!