Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hippitus Hoppitus

It's impossible to own the domain name without giving a special nod to Easter. If it wasn't for Jesus' appointment of Peter Rabbit to head the church, Easter would be just like any other solumn religious holiday with no real reason to celebrate it other than the religious aspect. So thank you Jesus and also a shout out to the Hare Club for Men for keeping this awesome holiday safe from the evil Bill Donohue. If you didn't understand anything I just said I feel very sorry for you.

In other news not much is going on. Gaim was renamed to Pidgin, iTunes is to start offering non-DRM'ed music, and so will Microsoft. There is also this interesting story about how the RIAA has screwed over record stores.

April is a full month finishing up classes and preparing for exams but once all that's over I plan on buckling down and making an initial release of jShout and also a nice review of Joost. To give you a preview of what it might be like: kinda crappy.

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Unknown said...

oh my goodness...that is so blasphemous!