Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Java libshout!!!

Soon I will be releasing a java implementation of libshout on Google Code. Currently if you want to write a source program for an icecast server you have to build the libshout library natively on the platform you are developing on and use some java bindings to access that library. This works really well if your application is being developed on/for linux but my primary OS (currently) is OSX. After spending hours trying to compile libshout for OSX I gave up and decided a purely java implementation was needed.

That was almost a year ago. Finally this past Monday I buckled down and wrote it. Before I actually release it I need to clean up the code some and add javadoc comments. Right now it only works with mp3 files, and only mp3 files that don't have an ID3 header, but I plan fix that and add ogg support probably once summer break comes along.

I also need to come up with a name. Google Code won't let me use the name jStreamer cause apparently there is some inactive project somewhere out there with the same name. Perhaps jShout? We'll see.

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