Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pay for Google Apps!

Google recently released a premium edition of their applications for domains. I've been using this for a few months now and really love it.

The docs and spreadsheets tools are actually very sophisticated and useful. As a college student I love being able to work on a document in my dorm on my laptop, on someone else's computer, or in one of the computer labs without having to think about how I will transfer that document around. The way google does revision control on the documents as you're writing them is also a handy feature to have and pretty revolutionary for a word processing application. Being able to collaborate on documents with group members is probably one of the most significant features of their online docs suite.

Despite all of this I would still be pretty wary of using it as a main method of word processing if I were a company. If you're internet connection goes down for some strange reason you're SOL. Also, Google is great and all, but I wouldn't feel comfortable having important company documents with possibly sensitive information being stored on their servers. What I'd really like to see is a Google Apps server (hardware) kind of like their Google Search Appliances.

I'm going to need to research the API's they've released for their apps... maybe I can think of a way to profit off of them!

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Friday, February 9, 2007

Nintendo DS

Dual Screen or Devil Screen?

This "news" report actually tries to make the Nintendo DS look like a tool for child molesters. The average gamer's natural respond to this would probably be something like "Are you @#$%ing kidding me?" The reporter claims that the built in PictoChat program can be used by predators to contact your child while they're playing and lure them into dangerous situations. After watching this you'll be so mad at local news, overwhelmed by their lapses in logic and angry because some parent somewhere will see it and actually be influenced by it.

If you're a parent and are worried that your child may be in danger, let me (the most authoritative source ever: 18 year old male) ease your fears.
  • You can't receive/send messages if you're playing a game
    • To chat with someone you have to WANT to chat to them
  • PictoChat is fun... for about 5 seconds
    • At first it's kind of fun to send your brother a hand written message that says "hello" but then you realize that he's sitting 10 feet from you and what you REALLY want to do is play MarioKart
  • No one is constantly on their DS
    • ... and if they are, they're playing a game, NOT trying to seduce children
  • Myspace already exists
    • so why would they need to use a DS?
A much more likely situation is that a child doesn't own a DS and sees an old creepy man playing Nintendogs. Said child is very jealous and wants to play too. Creepy Man now doesn't need to buy candy and movie tickets.

Solution to all these problems: Buy your kids a DS, let them find out for themselves how lame PictoChat is, worry about threats that actually exist.

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Our Table

My pledge brothers and I made this awesome table for the brotherhood. The legs are 4x4's, the top is 7 ply plywood, and is supported by a 2x4 frame. It's pretty sturdy. There is one flaw and that is that the top is just nailed down using finishing nails, if it were up to me I would have used wood screws. But as long as people lift from the frame it should be fine. Check out these sweet pics of it.

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