Sunday, January 14, 2007

Starting Up

Hey how about a blog! Yeah yeah, blogs are pretty stupid and I really have nothing to say, especially in this post, but all good websites should have some sort of blog so that all the users of the website have a way to stalk the developers and feel like they really are a "part" of the website. isn't exactly the most exciting website right now BUT! one day it will be awesome. Right now I'm just playing with all the tools google has like...

Blogger - This is what you're reading right now... not as versatile as wordpress, fewer templates, extremely obvious when you use a stock template. On the plus side you don't have to host anything.

Apps for Your Domain - Extremely awesome. Love that you can now buy your domain through google, much better than buying straight from godaddy. Gmail is awesome by itself but it's even sweeeeter when you can brand it with your very own logo! The customized start page is lame, for some reason it looks cheap and hackish, nothing like the real google start page.

Pages - Cooool. It's very easy to quickly set up a pretty looking webpage but it would be nice if it could integrate with blogger somehow. I don't know how they would make the two work together but I just know that I want it.

Picasa Images - Haven't tried it yet, will soon upload a bunch of bunny drawings.

Code - I plan on possibly hosting some of my programming projects here and also using tools such as Web Toolkit.

Other things I will probably talk about later are Icecast, ISPConfig, Ubuntu, Asterisk, YUI, Creative Commons

Bye Bye Everyone!

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tommay said...

Blogger now allows you to use a CNAME to make your blog look classy. Example: now instead of, you can just go to to view this great content!