Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Logo

Hey check it out, a second post. Yay for me!

If you go to the main page of my website you'll see a friendly looking bunny that I am extremely proud of. It looks a little anime but that's just because I got carried away with drawing ridiculously huge eyes. It also has an extremely shinny forehead, this was to give it that Web 2.0 feel that is all the rage these days. Now on to how I created such a magnificent work of art.

For all us non-artists out there Photoshop is a little pricey. Sure we could steal a copy but we're running linux and we prefer to steal legally. That, in a nutshell, is how Gimp was created. Gimp, however, lacks the ability to create or edit SVG files and I wanted myself an SVG file so that I could make my bunny whatever size I pleased without having to worry about it looking pixelated or crappy! A little scrounging and I found these two apps.

Delineate will convert any "normal" picture into an SVG file. I just drew me a bunny on a piece of paper, took a picture of it, then ran that picture through delineate. There are also a bunch of options that I have no clue what they do. The only extra thing I did was reduce the image to 2 colors so that I would only have the outline of the rabbit and no artifacts from the piece of paper.

Inkscape was the second app I found. With it you can create, edit, and export SVG files. That's how I colorized the bunny and added the cheesy shinny effect. Hopefully one day I'll be able to use it to draw something really awesome looking... one day...

I'll try to make my next post hilariously entertaining... perhaps a story of debauchery and international espionage? Only time will tell.

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